Minimize Diaper Pail Odors

After reading a blog on household tips on stinky garbage cans, I thought it might work on the diaper pail. I had tried everything. I emptied it twice a week, bleached it all the time, and used a ton of Lysol, but I felt like I could smell it anyway. The solution was easy and free. Newspaper! It sounds ridiculous but it worked for me.


Put a little in the bottom under the bag.


I even put some in the bag. I change the paper everytime I change the bag. It isn’t an immediate answer but I definitely noticed a difference after a couple of days.   🙂


Sanitizing during and after sickness

We have a nasty stomach virus going around the kid’s schools right now. It is also cold & flu season, and I can’t stand for anyone in the house to get sick. After working in many restuarants, and after taking all the certification tests at the health department, I learned what I think is the best (& cheapest) way to sanitze.

What you need:

bleach (1 capful)
a washcloth or hand towel
sinkful of water

Fill the sink with water, and add 1 capful of bleach. That’s all, no more than that. Throw in your cloth or towel & wipe down everything you can! I normally do some in the kitchen, wipe down that room. Then, I will do some in the bathroom to wipe down. Bleach is very cheap and by using a capful it makes just the right mixture to sanitize. After a few hours the bleach loses its strength so do what you have to do then let the water out.

That’s my cheap way of getting rid if all the nasty germs around the house.